The Perfect Summer Wine: Apothic Rose

Many consider Memorial Day weekend to be the official start of summer. We’re quite happy to go along with this theory because the sooner summer starts, the sooner we can begin making excuses to buy new swim suits, a few cute pairs of flip flops, bigger beach bags, and a couple other “highly necessary” accessories, even if that beautiful Pacific is still too chilly to swim in. We’ve even gone so far as to decide exactly when summer will begin for us: this Friday at 2:00. (The anticipation alone is almost more than we can handle.) We’ll be celebrating the arrival of a new season with friends and a delicious batch of light and refreshing sangria that we created with Apothic Rose. It’s a truly unique wine and in limited release (hint hint..stock up). We love the clear flavors of watermelon and strawberry, and find the Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Syrah blend perfectly balanced for a lovely, smooth taste. As you can see, the bottle is gorgeous and will make a really nice hostess gift this summer. The cost is also perfect at $14.00 a bottle.

For this recipe you can add the raspberries and lemons to the sangria mixture while the recipe chills, but just remember that raspberries begin to break apart rather quickly and the lemons will turn pink. To benefit from those flavors without altering the presentation, you can always double strain the sangria before serving to filter out the fruit, and then add fresh raspberries and lemon wheels right before your friends arrive.

Happy Summer!

Apothic Rose 1

Apothic Rose Sangria (single serving) 4 ounces Apothic Rose ¾ ounce triple sec ½ ounce black raspberry liqueur 1 ounce fresh lemon juice Fresh raspberry and lemon wheel garnishes

Apothic Rose 2

Apothic Rose Sangria (8 servings) 1 bottle Apothic Rose ½ cup triple sec ½ cup black raspberry liqueur ½  cup fresh lemon juice 1 container Fresh raspberries for garnish 2 lemons for sliced lemon wheel garnishes

Directions: In a pitcher, combine the Apothic Rose, triple sec, black raspberry liqueur, and fresh lemon juice. Mix well and chill for at least one hour before serving.

Although we have been compensated for our time, all opinions, recipes, commentary, reviews, and photographs are our own. 

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