Beer Cocktail with Tabasco Habanero Sauce

Warning! This beer cocktail is on the spicy side and the only way to counter the heat is by following each sip with a giant tortilla chip topped with seven-layer dip.  Now you have an excuse for the cocktail and the dip. Funny how things can work out so well. Tabasco Habanero 1

Beer Cocktail with Tabasco® Habanero Sauce 1 bottle Argentinian beer 1 ounce bourbon 1 ounce cranberry juice ½ ounce lime juice ¼ teaspoon Tabasco Habanero Sauce Lime garnish

Directions: Pour the bourbon, cranberry juice, lime juice, and Tabasco Habanero sauce into a highball or pint glass. Fill the glass with icy cold beer and serve with a lime garnish.

Tabasco Habanero 2

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