Summer Drinks: Pineapple Watermelon Vodka Infusion (Part I)

This July 4th we've got a variety of cocktails to share with friends. We'll start with the Cali Brunch Cocktail after the annual 5K/10K race, move on to a traditional mimosa around brunch, and continue with a variety of drinks throughout the day made from this pineapple watermelon vodka infusion. So get what you need to make this easy recipe today, and then check back tomorrow and the next day for a few cocktail recipes with this super yummy fruity mix (although you may not want to add anything more than a couple ice cubes). If you start making the infusion now, you'll have it fully prepared well in advance of you July 4th celebrations. Pineapple Watermelon Infusion

Step one: Find yourself a fragrant pineapple that isn't too green. This may require rummaging through the pineapple bin in the market and smelling quite a few. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself while shoving pineapples in your face. You'll look more like a die-hard foodie than a nut job. Do worry about poking your own eye out with the leaves. Those things are seriously lethal. It's harder to gage the ripeness of a watermelon but if the ends are slightly yellow or a cream color, and there is a nice hallow sound when you knock on the outside, chances are you've got a good piece of fruit in your hands (assuming that it's watermelon season).

Pineapple Watermelon Infusion 2

Step two: Slice the pineapple and watermelon into thin spears that will fit comfortably into a large mason jar. Obviously you're welcome to cut your fruit into any dang shape you'd like, but spears make for tasty, ready-to-eat finger food once you've drained out the vodka.

Pinapple Watermelon Infusion 3

Step three: Put the lid on the mason jar and refrigerate the infusion for a few hours. The batch we just made will marinate for about twenty-four, but you can infuse for less time or more. Just shake the jar a couple times throughout the chilling stage, and taste periodically until it's the way you like it.

Pineapple Watermelon Infusion 4

Step four: Strain out the fruit and keep the vodka in the fridge or freezer until use. Pour over ice or mix into your favorite fruit vodka recipes. We'll have a few to share with you tomorrow.



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