We're Going to #BlogHer14!

The last time we went to BlogHer was in 2011 in our hometown of San Diego. Our book was 6 months old and we were trying to figure out how the heck a blog could help to sell our book and our brand. Turns out a blog can help in a gajillion ways. The conference three years ago opened our eyes to the power of blogging and connectivity. Not WiFi connections but human. No matter how many social media accounts you manage or how many ad clicks you get, the ultimate measure of success in our eyes is human reach. And by reach we mean sincere engagement.


Ok wait. This is turning into one of those weird rah rah blog posts about SEO shenanigans and how to blog about things you're selling without sounding like you're a whore. What we're trying to say is that we're going to San Jose because we realize the importance of having a network of writers you love and trust.

The past year we realized the importance of having a strong blogger network outside of your immediate city. We've had several events and partnerships in the past twelve months with budgets that would have allowed for us to collaborate with other bloggers and influencers beyond the area of our lovely SoCal life.

So tomorrow, when we land in San Jose for three days of bloggerville, we'll be focusing on finding other writers who get B 2 B (not blogger to blogger darling but business to business to business). Can information be curated and disseminated to the benefit of a brand? We think so. And we hope to find a few other women who can get on board too.

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