2nd Edition of "This Girl Walks Into a Bar" Released!

As many of you know, "This Girl Walks Into a Bar: A Women's Guide to Professional Bartending and Home Mixology" was written for women (and men too!) who want to land a professional bartending job. The book has done so well that the second edition was just released. Hooray!!! What's different? The 100 cocktail recipe flashcards are now on heavy card stock and detachable. We wasted like three books just geeing out on detaching flash cards.

Click here or on the photo for a 43-second video with a sneak peek at the new release. Buy a book here on our website, at your local bookstore, or on Amazon.com.


If you or anyone you know can't take one more day of 9-5 work in a cubicle under bad lighting, then bartending is the job for you, and this is the book that will get you there!

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