A Lovely Dinner in Los Angeles

A lovely dinner is Los Angeles isn't hard to put together if you're a host like Molly Schoneveld of ThisYuppieLife.com or Ragan Wallake of BeautyInTheBite.com. Tuesday night's dinner, set in the back yard of a beautiful little West Hollywood home, brought foodie bloggers together pot-luck style for an evening of heavenly food and bottomless wine. And Kate Moore of Kate Moore Photography captured it all!

Our cocktail mixed backyard spontaneity with dinner-party class.  Here's the recipe:

La Jolla Avenue 2 ounces The Original Moonshine Whiskey 1.5 ounces homemade sweet and sour 1 ounce Mandarin Napoleon ½ ounce mint simple syrup 2 ounces brut (or soda water)

Also in attendance were Jasmine Ameri of BlissfullBites.com, Jennifer Styles from WorkShopCollective.com, Dana Claudat of FengShuiDana.com, and Kelly Zajfen from OhHelloMommyhood.tumblr.com, and Audrey Chihocky of ModelsWellFed.com.

Visit their websites for gorgeous photos and food recipes!

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