Spirit Spotlight: Distillery No. 209 Gin

The first time we tasted this remarkable gin was when we used it for a Father's Day recipe we created for BevMo! The second time we sipped a fabulous Distillery No. 209 gin martini was at the annual An Evening on the Beach event a few weeks. Well, there won't be a need to find a third occasion to drink this gin because now Distillery No. 209 will be a permanent part of our home bar. Gin 209_1

Distilled in San Francisco on Pier 50, the distillery houses a 1,000-gallon copper alembic pot that stands almost 25-feet tall (check out the beautiful photos on their website). But the story we love is how the gin got its name.

According to the website, Willaim Scheffler bought the Edge Hill wine estate in Napa Valley back in 1882. He was set on crushing more than grapes and determined to get a distillery license. The US government agreed to let him try his hand at making spirits and handed him a distillery license, which happened to be the 209th one.

When you taste this gin, you'll enjoy the subtle presence of juniper from the start, and the kick of spice at the end of each sip. With new spirits hitting the shelves every day, it's good to know about the ones that have been around and stayed around because of their high quality and great taste that only comes with time.

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