Classic Drinks: American Flyer Cocktail Recipe

In honor of Labor Day, order an American Flyer for your Monday happy hour cocktail. This is a mild and refreshing drink to help sustain that relaxed three-day weekend mood for as long as possible. American Flyer

American Flyer Cocktail 1.5 light rum (chilled) 1 ounce fresh lime juice ½ teaspoon powdered sugar 3 ounces Champagne (chilled)

Directions: Add the sugar and the lime juice to the rum and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Slightly tilt your Champagne flute as you pour in the bubbly.

Make Monday Happy Hour cocktails are classic drinks that can be made at any bar, any where, any time. No craft-cocktail shaking, muddling, mashing, straining, twirling, or igniting needed.

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