Revel Spirit's Avila is the Latest Mixologist's Must Have

At a time when the spirits industry is being inundated with flavored spirits, it's refreshing to discover a new one that isn't interested in putting cinnamon in the bottle, being the trendy new club drink, or boasting less calories than a cube of ice. We've just had the chance to taste Revel Avila, an organic, responsibly-made Weber blue agave spirit that is hand-crafted in the heart of Mexico, just south of Mexico City. At this point, we've only been sipping our Revel neat, so check back next week for an original cocktail recipe. We'll be serving it in a cocktail tomorrow night for another one of Ragan and Molly's Los Angeles-based Lovely Dinners. In the meantime, be on the lookout for this fine liquor and surprise your friends with something they've never tasted.

Revel Avila

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