Wine Spotlight: Apothic Dark Limited Edition

The six bottles of Apothic Dark stood together in the middle of our dining room table like black chess pieces waiting to be played. The bottles are so alluring and mysterious and beautiful that we found it difficult to walk by without having a glass of wine right then and there. But the moment needed to be just right before that move was made. And deep down we understood that once one bottle was opened there would be no saving the others for a “special occasion.” We had read that this wine, back by popular demand, had “flavors of blueberry and blackberry with enticing notes of coffee and dark chocolate,” which was all we needed to peek our interest in those seductively dark bottles. So late one night, after all the business of the day, we poured our first glass and instantly knew we’d discovered something special. Available for a limited time, Apothic Dark is fantastically smooth, deliciously rich, and possibly the perfect wine for any night of entertaining. The mouthfeel is gorgeous and the lingering flavors have a strong connection to the fresh taste of grapes.

For those looking for a simple cocktail recipe that uses Apothic Dark without jeopardizing the integrity of the wine, a Moonless Midnight is just for you. We can’t wait to hear what you think. To find out where you can buy a bottle, click here!

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Moonless Midnight Cocktail 3.5 ounces Apothic Dark 1.5 ounces pomegranate liqueur ¾ ounce bourbon ½ ounce fresh pomegranate juice ½ ounce fresh grapefruit juice ½ teaspoon lemon juice

Directions Combine each ingredient in a martini shaker, pint glass, or measuring pitcher. Stir until mixed, then strain into a wine glass and serve.

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