A Rum for the Holidays

We picked up a bottle of Kraken black spiced rum for a BevMo! post and basically haven't put it down since. Its taste will remind you of a homemade spiced rum drink that your grandmother might have made for your grandpa on a cold winter night. Rum isn't something we usually sip neat but with this one you can literally pour it straight out of the jug and drink it hot, cold, or room temp. The bottle is also super awesome, making it a great gift to give those who invite you over this holiday season. (Look for our holiday gift guide next week!)

Hot Spiced Rum

Caramel Cake Rum (Single Serving) 2 ounces Kraken black spiced rum 6 ounces caramel cake black tea 1 ounce DeKuyper butterscotch schnapps 1 teaspoon cinnamon and clove simple syrup

Cinnamon & Clove Simple Syrup 1 cup sugar ½ - ¾ cups water (the less water the thicker the syrup) 3 cinnamon sticks broken into pieces 1 dozen whole cloves

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