Thanksgiving Drinks: Pimms Meyer Lemon Cocktail

Isn't the ultimate goal to join the Thanksgiving dinner table starving? Don't know about you but we find it very hard to sit down hungry when the Thanksgiving dinner appetizers are just as good as the dinner. Gourmet cheeses, creamy dips, crunchy fresh vegetables, salted nuts, shrimp cocktail… it's all very hard to pass up. That's why we love to offer a festive cocktail that serves as an aperitif. It will delight everyone's tastebuds and prepare their pallet for the amazing dinner you've made without filling anyone up. And if you're like us, sometimes all you need is a light little cocktail in your hand to keep you from devouring 15 slices of brie and seven handfuls of cashews. But that's just us.

Pimms Meyers_2


Pimms Meyer Lemon Cocktail 1 ounce Pimms 1 ounce gin 1/2 ounce Meyer lemon juice 1 teaspoon ultrafine baker's sugar 1 teaspoon orange liqueur 1-inch sprig fresh rosemary 5-6 ounces prosecco

Directions Gently muddle the rosemary in the gin, then strain the gin into a martini shaker or measuring pitcher. Add the Pimms, Meyer lemon juice, sugar, orange liqueur and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Pour a couple ounces into a champagne flute, followed by your favorite prosecco. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and serve.

Make a Batch! Expecting a crowd? Chill the prosecco and pre-make the cocktail mix. Then, before everyone arrives, all you have to do is pour the Pimms Meyer lemon mixture into a champagne flute and follow it with some bubbly! 8 ounces Pimms 8 ounces gin 4 ounces meyer lemon juice 3 ounces orange liqueur 2 heaping tablespoons ultrafine baker's sugar 1-3 large sprigs rosemary 2 bottles prosecco


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