New Year's Eve Cocktail ~ 2015

Is carrying a glass of bubbly around on New Year's Eve a must? We're the first to buck tradition and say no, the sparkly is not necessary. Still, it feels slightly wrong not to have it, kind of like going out on Halloween with a pillow case instead of a plastic pumpkin, or not eating a single piece of chocolate on Easter. Therefor, we will still be serving and drinking a "champagne cocktail" made with sparkling rosé because there are some rituals we find hard to let go. We hope you love it as much as we do. Happy New Year!


Rosey Outlook 5-7 ounces rosé 2 ounces bourbon ½ ounce grapefruit schnapps ½ ounce mint simple syrup

Directions Be sure you've waited until the mint simple syrup has chilled before you measure out the little half ounce. Combine it with the grapefruit schnapps, and bourbon. Stir well to mix. Tilt the glass to a 45° angle and slowly pour in the rosé, stopping periodically to keep it from over-flowing. Garnish with a mint leaf or twist of grapefruit if desired.

Wondering what to do with the batch of mint simple syrup you've just made? Type "mint simple syrup" into the search box and see a list of easy recipes to make!

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