New Year's Eve Cocktail Tags

If you're planning a party, you'll want to save yourself from massive dish washing and plastic cup carnage. This means you'll need drink identifiers so that people don't lose their cocktails or accidentally drink other peoples' drinks. We found a few fabulous ideas around that will solve the problem and add a little stem decor to your soiree. Just click on the photo to be taken to a website where you can order some for yourself. These are supposed to be gift tags but we think these "Alice in Wonderland" quote tags will look best attached to a martini.

New Years Eve parties often involve games of some sort to keep people awake and engaged until the clock strikes twelve. For a party theme, choose these Scrabble inspired cocktail charms.

If you're looking for something a little more risque, we found this colorful wine tags with vintage pin-up girls. The next batch will take you straight back to the mid-20th century. Our good friend @NotJune actually gave us a box of these that she found at an antique flea market and we love using them. Don't worry that that drink's name may not match what you'r serving. That's part of the charm.

Chalkboard labels have been popular for a while now, but what we love about these is the size. Writing with chalk isn't exactly easy, and the pressure to conjure up something witty when there's an audience is intense. These little discs don't allow for much more than an initial or two, eliminating intellectual anxiety and limited character count show offs.

These charms are just plain fun! If you happen to have additional Legos at home, offer a few more shapes, colors, and sizes for your guests to build their own cocktail charms.

New Year's Eve Cocktail ~ 2015

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