This Girl Minds Her P's and Q's is HERE!

TGMPQ_BookStackWell folks, it’s time to celebrate! We are officially launching our newest book “This Girl Minds Her P’s & Q’s: An Etiquette Handbook for Dinner Parties, Restaurants and Bars” tomorrow! Just in time for the holidays. You can buy it here for $9.99 — a perfect stocking stuffer or pre-holiday festivities gift for yourself. We believe today’s woman does not have the time to read an etiquette book the size of the Webster’s. She needs the best and most accurate information, quickly and efficiently. This handbook is a super useful quick-read to prepare for your dinner party, or first day on the job as a bartender or server. For those of us who dine out regularly, we also have great tips from a customer’s perspective. No one goes out or dines in with the intention of offending anyone. But etiquette blunders can and should be avoided.

What are your etiquette pet peeves?

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