Unique Hostess Gifts: Gourmet S'Mores

A few weeks ago the most delightful package from Gotta Have S'More landed on our doorstep. A black shiny box filled with 2 dozen s'mores cupcake desserts made right here in Los Angeles was delivered with a big red bow. Naturally we tore right into it since the sweet tooth must be fed and when it happens be your birthday you don't need to give yourself permission to dive into a container of decadent desserts. Gotta Have Smores_3

But let's clarify the definition of cupcakes. Although these yummy little treats are shaped like cupcakes, they aren't exactly your traditional cupcake. The base isn't cake but dense delicious graham cracker. The top isn't a glob of cloyingly sweet frosting but a perfect little cloud of marshmallow. And it doesn't stop there. Inside each s'more is a nugget of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies n' creme, or chocolate with caramel.

Gotta have Smores_2

We love this dessert because it's a-mazing but also because the company is owned by a kick-ass local chef who cooks for LA businesses and celebrities during the day, and manages a cupcake company every minutes in between.

You can find them at Williams-Sonoma but you can also find them on your doorstep by hopping over to their website here. Buy a batch for yourself or order them as a hostess gift for your next night out as someone's guest.

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