Another Sneak Peek!

By now you've made and shared our Cacacha Lemongrass Cocktail, straight from our forthcoming book "Cocktails for Cougars & Cowgirls." We have another sneak peek recipe just for you to try and make for friends. Let us know what you think! DSC_0805

Fire and Ice Ingredients (serves 4) 6 ounces reposado 3 ounces orange liqueur 1 ounce fresh lime juice 1 can frozen orange juice from concentrate 1 cup frozen lemonade ice cubes 4 cups ice cubes 1 jalapeño Lime wheel garnish

Directions Wash the jalapeño then slice one to two thin wheels with seeds. In a measuring pitcher, combine the reposado with the jalapeño and gently press the jalapeño with a muddler or the tip of a wooden spoon. You only need to press the seeds once or twice to release a lot of flavor and heat. To remove the jalapeño, filter the reposado through a strainer and into a blender. Add the orange liqueur, frozen orange juice from concentrate, frozen lemonade ice cubes, and plain ice cubes.

Blend until smooth. Garnish with a wheel of lime and serve.

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Sneak Peek Recipe