Celebrate National Beer Day with Lucky Buddha Beer

In celebration of National Beer Day, we're enjoying this spring's most popular lager, Lucky Buddha Beer. Famous for its jolly green bottle but in demand because of its taste, this pale beer packed with flavor is a must-have addition to your home bar. We had a chance to connect with Kevin Swadish, CEO of Sage Beverages, and learned a little more about their trend-setting beer, brewed and bottled at China's stunning Thousand Island Lake.  Our suspicion that there is more to this beer and bottle than meets the eye was confirmed.

Lucky Buddha Beer 3

Mr. Swadish shared with us that the bottle's design was conceived by one of the original designers from Star Wars. It is said that the "Laughing Buddha," a nickname for a legendary Chán buddhist monk named Budai, will bring good luck and fortune to the person who rubs his belly. Thanks to the design, your thumb will live in that lucky spot with every sip.

Our readers who place high value on a company's commitment to protecting the environment will be happy to hear that the point-of-purchase display materials are made from recycled cellulose, created by the San Diego based company ECOR. Lucky Buddha Beer's "bins and coasters are made from cellulose tetra pack or old cardboard and recycled office paper," Mr. Swadish said. And of course, the glass bottle is easy to recycle. But many people aren't tossing this bottle into the blue bin. As Mr. Swadish pointed out, "repurposing the bottle" is also "environmentally friendly." We shared our plan to build a carnival ring toss for our garage with used bottles, and heard about what other people have done with their empties. "Most common use is a soap, soy sauce, or oil and vinegar dispenser, and candle holder," Swadish remarked. "The most ambitious creation I've seen has been a chandelier...and a six-foot Christmas Tree."

Lucky Buddha Beer

After one taste we knew that this beer paired well with dozens of dishes, and we asked the CEO to share a few of his favorite meals to enjoy with a cold bottle of Lucky Buddha beer. He suggested a Margarita pizza, carne asada burrito or a cheeseburger. We tested that cheeseburger theory last night by grilling a couple of cowboy burgers from Whole Foods, and are happy to say we agree on that pairing suggestion 100%.

Swadish said that "some people might think that the bottle is so clever and neat that they may not like the taste of the beer." But we found that one sip completely washes away any preconceived notions. The most common response is, "Wow! This is really good!," followed by adjectives like unique, delicious, clean, and crisp.

The design of the bottle will instantly grab your attention but the taste will make you a lifelong fan. Get lucky!

Although we have been compensated for our time, all opinions, recipes, commentary, review, and photographs are our own.

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