Monday Morning Wine Review: La Crema

We are so loving this wine right now. The smell of freshly sliced green apple will hit your nose right away, followed by aromas of wet wood, strawberries, and vanilla. La Crema is perfectly smooth with a delightful, lingering mouthfeel. Your tongue will first be met with a gentle sweetness followed by a tart taste of citrus. But the balance works extremely well, making this a crowd-pleasing wine. Friday night we drank it with sushi, Saturday with pizza, and Sunday with Honey Baked ham. Tonight we'll test it with tacos! Clearly a very versatile wine. Enjoy! The Wine: La Creama The Varietal: Chardonnay The Price: $19.99 (average) The Hook: Sonoma Coast's grape friendly weather The Taste: Smooth, notes of citrus, vanilla, oak, Bosc pear The Grade: A

La Crema

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