Product Spotlight: HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout

Whether you're someone who puts ice cubes in her white wine or rosé, or someone who would never in a million years dream of such an action, there's one thing both camps can probably agree on: the colder the wine the better. HOST Chill 1

As we head into spring, the chances of bringing our wine outdoors to enjoy on the patio are high. The thought of sitting in the afternoon sun after a long day of work, and nursing a glass of my favorite Chardonnay makes me so incredibly happy. Those are the moments when I feel like I don't have a care in the world.

HOST sent us their cooling pour spot to try out and it's quite dandy. Nothing will ever replace the effectiveness of keeping your wine submerged in a bucket of ice, but if you're trying to be spontaneous and hassle-free, this chill stick is very effective.

Host Chill 2

Store the wine in the fridge as you normally would for several hours before you plan to drink it. Then, when that patio lounge chair is calling your name, grab the wine, pop out the cork, insert the chill stick, and serve yourself a well-deserved glass of vino.

Order yours from TrueFabrications for $17.99 plus tax & S/H here. Happy spring!

Host Chill 3

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