May 25th: National Wine Day

Every year, National Wine Day is an opportunity to celebrate either your favorite wine, a wine you've never tried, a wine you've been saving for the perfect occasion, or any darn wine that you have in your home and feel like drinking. We've chosen to honor the occasion with ZioBaffa Italian wine, a wine that is proving time and again to pair well with any dish we serve. Our introduction to ZioBaffa came a few months ago when we tried it at the Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica. The men behind the wine, filmmaker Jason Baffa and environmentalist Chris Del Moro, were there to share their passion for wine-making, surfing, and protecting the environment. Baffa and Del Moro are long-time surfing buddies who merged their talents on a journey to Italy, and documented it all in the film "Bella Vita" (see the 1-minute clip below). They joined forces with Italian vintner Piergiorgio Castellani to produce a Pinot Grigio and Toscana that are grown from organic grapes and sold in bottles with sustainable labels.

Both wines are dry, simple, and great with California cuisine. Try both varietals with seafood salads and pastas, thin-crusted pizzas, and grilled chicken and farmers market vegetables. Buy your bottles here!

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