Monday Morning Wine Review: Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosé

Shame on Sanrio® for their blatant marketing of alcohol to children. Yes, we understand that grown women who are well over the age of twenty-one are probably the largest demographic of Hello Kitty® fanatics. And yes, we have a sense of humor. But guess who spotted this wine as we were zig-zagging through the supermarket aisles? My kids. Placed at a child's eye level in a section adjacent to the beach toys was a display of Hello Kitty sparkling wine and sparkling rosé. I pooh poohed it on the spot (trying to raise cultured kids over here) and secretly returned the next day to buy a bottle. You're asking why purchase something I was disgusted by? Probably a combination of curiosity and a desire to have an educated opinion. Full disclaimer: I wanted to hate it. Using Hello Kitty to market booze is no different than slapping an image of Big Bird or Elmo on a bottle of alcohol. The market is already flooded with cotton candy, gummy bear, and marshmallow flavored spirits, as well as drinks that are pink, blue, or purple. But this product is dangerous in a different way. Sanrio is directly courting children and grooming them for alcohol consumption at an early age.

Luckily this Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosé lived up to my expectations.

Hello Kitty_2

I removed the foil and discovered that the wire trap was already broken. No shock here though, right? A cheaply assembled wine bottle reflects the company's reputation for cheap toys. The broken trap caused the cork to lift, allowing air into the bottle. As soon at the light-brown liquid began to fill up my champagne flute it was clear that this rosé was no good, and one taste confirmed it. The Wine: Hello Kitty The Country: Italy The Price: $14.99 The Hook: Alcohol adults who still think they're kids? The Taste: Spoiled The Grade: F-

Hello Kitty_1

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