The Best Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

The best last minute Father's Day gift ideas are presents you can pick up on your way to your dad's house or order through your phone Sunday morning. In a perfect world, you selected something unique and original for your father weeks and weeks ago. In the real world, you have no idea what to get and will leave the decision right up to the last minute. We've come up with a few ideas for you (and for us if we're being honest) with links. Most of these sites have gift cards that can be dropped into dad's email just before you ring the doorbell. Home Brewing Kit A home brewing kit could be the most genius gift ever and Mr. Beer does it best. It's the world's #1 home micro brewery, probably because over 1,000,000 of their kits have been installed in man caves across the country. Mr. Beer backs their product up with an unconditional guarantee, and supplies their customers additional mixes and accessories so you can use their kit over and over again.

Wine Club Sign dad up for a wine club and have a couple bottles or a case delivered to his doorstep every month. You can leave the selection process up to the company or you can curate the case on your own. If you know that your dad only drinks cabs in the fall and chards in the spring, you can make that happen too. Try (affiliate link in our sponsors sidebar) for an instant emailed gift card, or, where you can purchase 90 point wines for $20.00.

Coffee Club Unless your dad is an instant coffee or gas station coffee kind of guy, he will probably appreciate getting a shipment of artisanal coffee from These beans are roasted by hand, then sent to you as soon as they’ve cooled and settled. Your coffee will be organic, fair trade and freshly roasted just for you. How amazing does that sound?! And then you can send your dad your favorite coffee cocktail recipes from our blog, like these.

Cheese Club After that case of wine is delivered, you're dad will probably be craving some fine cheese for pairings! Many of you probably already know this but pairing cheese with bourbon is quite the trend these days too. Try or for a fancy selection of gorgeous cheeses.

A Little Bit of Everything To find wine preservers, copper shot glasses, hand crafted cheese boards, solid copper flasks, the Barman Smart Cocktail Smart Cocktail Mixer and App, stellar cookware, and everything else that might qualify as "dapper," check out (affiliate link in our sponsors sidebar). It's one of those websites that remind us of the SkyMall magazines in airplanes except you're not laughing and making fun of most of it.

Have fun shopping and Happy Father's Day!

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