Monday Morning Wine Review: Castelluccimiano & Vigna di Pettineo

Produced from grapes grown on the Italian island of Sicily, these two wines represent old world wine at its best. Sicily is located in the center of the Mediterranean, providing the perfect climate for producing a beautiful grape that translates into a gorgeous wine. Grillo and Nero'DAvola grapes are native to the island and are harvested by families who have been producing wine for many generations.


The 2013 Castelluccimiano has clear notes of strawberries and warm toast with melted butter. The tartness that first hits your tongue quickly disappears and is replaced with the essence of young apples, lemon, and pineapple.

The 2012 Vigna di Pettineo is such a well-balance red. There's a definite essence of charcoal followed by hot brick. Ripe and dry, this wine will pair perfectly with red meats that have been charred and are accompanied by sweet sauces.


The Wine: Castelluccimiano 2013 // Vigna di Pettineo 2012 The Country: Italy The Price: $15 - $19 The Hook: Wine from Sicily The Grade: A



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