Mr. Beer: Beer Home Brewing Made Easy

We've made liqueurs, bitters, shrubs, infusions, syrups, jams, spheres, and a heck of a lot of other things at home, but not beer. It has definitely been on the "to do" list though,  just kind of buried because it felt way too hard/messy/complicated to pull off. Then we met Mr. Beer. No, not some self-proclaimed beer expert holding court at the bar down the street but the number-one beer home brewing kit Mr. Beer.

Turns out that making beer at home isn't hard at all. It's also not a new concept. In fact, your neighbors could very likely be whipping up a batch this very moment.

To learn more about the company behind the kit, we interviewed CEO Rick Zich.

This Girl: Where were you when you had your first sip of beer, and at that moment did you ever imagine that you’d be running a home beer brewing business one day?

Rick ZichTo protect the innocent, let’s just say that it was very early on when I did take that sip. Most of my friends actually did mention that I should be in the beer business as I could drink a whole lot of it! At the time I did not think much of it though until I ran across Mr. Beer. To this day, I get people from all those years ago saying that they knew I would end up in the beer business somewhere.

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This Girl: How much trial and error did it take until you developed a product the average person can be so successful with?

ZichEven though I am the president here, I cannot say that I was the inventor of the Mr. Beer product. I have simply been helping to craft the process with the excellent team that we have here at Mr. Beer. We do go through an exhaustive process to come up with malts that will produce the highest of quality product though. That is why our relationship with Coopers is so important. You know that a company is doing something right when they have been around for over 150 years.

This Girl: Home brewing kits, whether it’s beer or moonshine, seem to have experienced a surge of interest in the past decade. Is this accurate or has the craft cocktail revolution just brought more attention to the activity?

Zich: Both of your statements are true. There has been a relative surge in interest. The surge in craft beer comes directly from home brewers that have had big dreams to be doing their own things. We have had a minimum of three brew masters leave our ranks to either be lead brewers of breweries or actual owners. There are numerous breweries that have had their lead brewer start out with one of our kits. We have been showcasing their beers with clones with our beer mixes on our website for the past year now. It is a great thing to see people start out small with us and grow to something that many people enjoy.


This Girl: What’s the biggest misconception most people have about home brewing kits?

ZichSpeaking specifically at extract brewing I would say lack of quality. We have proven this time and again that extract brewing kits, like ours, are just as high quality of end product as the home brewer can make with full grain kits. Many people don't believe that they can make good tasting beer or that it will be too complicated. We have invested heavily in providing the highest quality malt extracts that guarantee you can make great tasting beer over and over again, as long as you follow the instructions! The great thing about using extract versus grain is that you can control the variables much more.

This GirlWhich spirit do you enjoy pairing with beer the most?

ZichI am a fan of Tequila and Beer. There is even an event in Vegas for the whole concept. Granted, it is not a new concept and there are a few companies that have started to make a tequila flavored beer. I started out with “The Bull” or “The Submarine” and then decided that I liked it much more when they were separate.

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