Summer Drinks: Frozen Peach Mint Margarita

Whether you use frozen peaches that you've hand-picked, sliced, and frozen yourself or use a bag of frozen peaches from the store, this drink will still be deeeeelicious. In the video we make a giant batch of peach mint Margaritas; this recipe serves two. And as we always say, use as much or as little ice as you want. The more ice, the thicker consistency of your cocktail.

Peach Mint Margarita 1

Frozen Peach Mint Margarita ~ Serves 2 1/2 cup tequila 1/2 cup homemade sweet n' sour 1/4 cup orange liqueur 1.5 cup frozen peaches 1/2 ounce lime juice 2 mint sprigs 1 cup ice *optional (used in the recipe photographed here) Salted or sugared rim *optional Lime and mint to garnish

Peach Mint Margarita 5 Directions For best results, always keep your liquid ingredients well-chilled. First, muddle the mint in the tequila until you've reached your preferred level of mintiness. We like this cocktail super minty so your wrist should start to get mad at you for muddling so long. Strain the tequila through a filter and into the blender (though there's nothing wrong with adding the mint leaves into the drink just have to deal with mint specks in your teeth!). Add all the other ingredients, blend on high, and serve. Peach Mint Margarita 4

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