The Best Job for a College Graduate

The best job for a college graduate may have nothing to do with the college degree you spent four (or more!) years earning. The best job might be a vocation like bartending that allows you to take the time to find the perfect job, or the job you studied and trained for. During college we each collectively worked a total of 8 different jobs. Between finishing college and starting our own company, we both have had a total of 12 different jobs. Our parents? Same jobs their whole life. Our friend’s parents? Same jobs their whole life.

Books Photo reports that the average length to work at the same job these days is 4.4 years. Instead of wasting 4.4 years in a starter job with a low paying salary and a rigid 9 to 5 work schedule, you might consider bartending for a while, or even on weekends for extra cash.

Here are all the reasons to become a bartender:

  • Great pay
  • Flexible hours
  • Engaging work environment
  • Leadership position
  • Opportunity to collaborate with spirit brands
  • Recognition for innovative recipe development

How can you get a job as a bartender?

  • Train yourself at home
  • Apprentice for a pro
  • Start as a server and train for the bar
  • Enroll in a bartending class
  • Work for a catering company

Here’s the book that tells you how to do it all, with detachable drink recipe flashcards to get you ready in a short amount of time. Bartending is one of the best jobs for a college graduate and may even change from your short-term job to your career.

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