A Private Tasting of Pura Vida Tequila

We consider ourselves passionate about tequila. We like to drink it, we like to read about it, we like to talk about it. But there is no comparison to the passion that Pura Vida CEO Stewart Skloss exudes when the topic is tequila, especially when it's his own. Mr. Skloss has been in the spirits business since launching a small tequila label just out of college. Although that company never really got off the ground, he now runs the hugely successful Pura Vida brand, and divides his time between Mexico, the Texas headquarters, and the road.

Lunch meeting

We sat down with Mr. Skloss and his team at our Los Angeles beach club to talk shop and experience a private tasting. It was only 11:30 on a Monday but we weren't about to complain. If we closed our eyes we may have actually believed we were in Mexico. There was a gentle ocean breeze, keeping us from over-heating in eighty-degree weather, and the strong aroma of tequila in front of us. Life was good.

Pura Vida Choices_2

Mr. Skloss introduced the Pura Vida silver as our appetizer and had very specific directions for how to taste it.

"When you drink tequila you kiss it, you don't throw it back."

He instructed us to take a small sip, and then blow the air out as if trying to whistle. This was the procedure we followed for the añejo (which he recommends for after dinner or for dessert), the extra añejo (for special moments), the naranja, and the sangrita. There was no ice, no limes, and no salt. Just pure tequila.

Sampling Pura Vida

We heard a lot about their distillery in Mexico and would encourage you to get your bottles at the source. But if a trip to Mexico isn't on the schedule, you can also find Pura Vida at BevMo!, Total Wine & More, and about 1,500 mom and pop spirits stores across California.

Jordan and Stewart_2

Now that we've finished putting this post together, and it's 4:30 in the afternoon, it seems that a couple of Margaritas are in order. Cheers!

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