Adventures in Books Touring: Week One

BookTour_logoThe advance copies of our new book Cocktails for Cougars & Cowgirls: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Every Woman have arrived and we're goo-goo gaa-gaa over them. You know, it's like being pregnant and you know you love the baby in your tummy but then you have the baby and see your baby in real life and hold the three-dimensional baby in your arms and just stare and stare because it's the most beautiful thing you've ever made? That's kinda like how it is right now. And yes, that's the best analogy I could come up with at 5:30 in the morning. If you've never had a baby you're like, "I thought this blog was supposed to be about alcohol" and if you have had a baby you're like, "I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, sister."

The Books

It took FOUR YEARS. Four years of recipe planning, tasting, tweaking, writing, photographing, and designing but it's finally done and it feels really good. And it looks so pretty compared to our two previous black and white books (which are awesome too and you should totally buy them if you haven't already but nothing compares to a full color book of COCKTAILS). Every recipe has a photo and most recipes have a batch serving size in addition to a single serving size. Glassware suggestions are also included.

Boxing Station

These 75 copies will all go out to press people like magazine editors and journalists in the hopes that they cover our book or our story or both. We're working the phones, the email, and all of our connections right now to start getting the word out early before the book becomes available on October 1st. We'll be able to put up a preordering link in September for our thirsty readers. (Next week we'll announce our tour stops!!)

Operation Gift Box


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