Possibly the Best Purse Ever Invented for Going Out on the Town

Every woman knows that the bigger the purse, the greater the chance that there are unnecessary items inside. We all just have a natural tendency to fill space. If you've only got five minutes to get ready, you'll get ready in five minutes. If you have an hour, you'll probably take an hour. Right now my MK bag is so big that I've got a clip board, a legal pad, and a bunch of other nonsense inside. If I wasn't working on my laptop right now, that would be in there too. A bag this size is cumbersome during a night on the town (just to be clear, I do not go out with clipboards and notepads. I'd like to...but I don't). It's nice to feel light on your feet and as hand's free as possible when you're at a bar or out to dinner with friends.

Last week we were sent our new favorite girl's night out accessory: the Card Ninja.


Think sticky note with pockets and super strong adhesive. It's small enough to fit on the back of your phone and durable enough to hold your ID, several credit cards, cash, the valet ticket, and even your lip gloss.


So...we gave it a try and it's suuuuper genius. Just pull off the plastic backing and stick it to the back of your phone or phone case.


Tuck all your necessary items inside and voila! You're got a phone purse.

Phone in Use

Order one for your next night out at CardNinja.com.

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