An Interview with Elizabeth Shaw from Simple Swaps

We can't introduce Elizabeth Shaw of Simple Swaps without mentioning the serendipitous way that we met. A few years ago we started to collaborate on a few projects with her sister, Victoria. This summer we finally had a chance to meet Victoria in person at an event in LA (she's based in New York). Jocelyn couldn't make that wine dinner, so Victoria and I got to talk about our sisters behind their backs and basically brag about how dang great they are. Cut to a few weeks ago when Brandon of Kitchen Konfidence helped us put together a stellar list of San Diego influencers for our dinner tomorrow night at OB Warehouse. Low and behold, Liz was on that special list, and this big world became small again. Liz is Victoria's sister, and you know how we sisters all have that instant bond.

blueberry lemonade final

Liz is a Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur in San Diego who graciously agreed to be interviewed for our blog. Here's what she had to say:

This Girl: What are your top three go-to cocktails when you dine out?

Liz Shaw: Hmm, I’d have to say it’s usually between a glass of Prosecco, Patron Tequila with a splash of water over ice with two limes, or a vodka water with a sprinkle of crystal light! Yes, I always get comments from the bar tender- what is that?! Once I tell them, it’s amazing how shocked they are! “What a GREAT idea, I love Crystal Light too!” It’s a great way to save calories if you’re watching your intakes or are sensitive to high sugar drinks.

This Girl: We have a kale and blueberry cocktail in our new book. Do you believe there's such a thing as a "healthy drink?"

Liz: Absolutely! I believe there are drinks that are “better for you” because they provide an added nutrient bang for your caloric buck. For instance, your fabulous cocktail with kale and blueberries is an antioxidant powerhouse! Blueberries are filled with natural antioxidants, and when paired with kale, you get a double bonus of nutrition. Plus, using natural sources of sugars from fruits versus heavy syrups are always a win in my book.

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This Girl: People have really strong opinions about regular wine versus organic wine. As a registered dietitian and self-proclaimed "health nut," where do you weigh in?

Liz: This for sure is a very sensitive topic so I will remain fairly Swiss in this response. I myself am not partial to organic, whether it be wine, produce or other grocery items. With that said, I have many clients who prefer organic for their own health beliefs and I fully support them if they can afford to purchase organic. I know they feel better doing so. It’s very personal for many so I am fully supportive of whatever my client chooses. However, pesticides aside, the nutritional quality is fairly equivalent in my book.

This Girl: Where do you love to eat in San Diego?

Liz: My husband (aka Mr. CEO) and I love to try the hidden health gems of San Diego. We absolutely love Ranchos Cocina, a small fresh Mexican place in North Park and Ocean Beach. The BEST hot salsa in all of San Diego! We also love Seasons 52, especially their Flights and Flatbreads happy hour. Side note, if you’re extra special to the waiter, you’re able to swap your wine samples for a cocktail or two beers :).

When Pancake Sundays is in town (aka my sister), we inevitably have to go to Extraordinary Desserts! If I’m being honest, her bachelorette party was held in San Diego and after a cocktail or five downtown, we had to make our last pit stop at the Hillcrest location for a night cap of chocolately goodness!

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This Girl: How do you decide what to make when you want to share a recipe with your blog readers?

Liz: Great question! Usually a lot of recipes come about from just experimenting in the kitchen. I like to look at National Food Months and try and come up with a recipe based on the theme of that month. However, I noticed when I don’t specifically schedule it out, I tend to end up with five straight dessert posts (I have a huge sweet tooth!). Thus, I’m getting better about sticking to a set schedule for posts!

This Girl: Can you share one of your amazing recipes with our readers?

Liz: Here’s one of my favorite summer time cocktails using blueberries-Blueberry Lemonade Chillers! Don’t worry- just because their going out of season, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this drink. Pick up a bag of frozen blueberries and you’ll be just fine!

To find more recipes and learn more from this dietary expert, subscribe to her blog Simple Swaps, where you can find the latest nutrition tips and tricks on how to swap this for that when it comes to your managing your health. Get to know how small changes can make big differences in your overall health and follow her updates on social media!


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