"Cocktails & Conversations" at The Ambrose Hotel

We toss the phrase "Let's meet for drinks" around quite frequently in our business. Feels a little sacrilegious not to have a cocktail in your hand when you're talking shop about the stuff in your....er, hand. But finding a place to meet for those drinks can be hard in this town. Ideally, we'd meet for drinks in our homes because... A) we've got everything anyone would ever want to order B) we don't have to stare anyone down for a bar stool C) conversing without the cacophony of happy hour means that we don't have to do that stupid pretend-to-hear-each-other-game where you moronically use terms like "I agree," "I know what you mean," and "that's so true" because you really can't hear what anyone is saying and those are safe answers.

But that just will never happen for obvious reasons.

Lucky for us we've found the next best option: The Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica. This little gem of a hotel is now LEED certified (a really big deal around these here parts), situated right in the middle of Santa Monica, and completely affordable for being on the west side of LA. Best of all, they now have a lovely lobby bar in a space filled with couches and chairs and indoor and outdoor seating. Besides being able to order a cocktail, you can snack on chips and salsa, dumpling samplers, chicken quesadillas, and truffle fries.

We recently had the opportunity to participate in their Cocktails & Conversation series, where we made a Becky Boone from our new book, and a twist on the Manhattan, made with Kikori Whiskey.

We shared a little about our story, along with tips for consistently making great drinks at home. We also gave and signed books for everyone in attendance.

Although we're slightly afraid to say too many good things about The Ambrose out of fear that it will become the new Bungalow, we just can't hold back from suggesting this watering hole as your new "let's meet for drinks" location.


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