Beverly Hill's Hot New Spot: Mr. C's Hotel

It's what's on the inside that counts. Especially in Los Angeles. Double especially at a party in Beverly Hill's at a trendy hotel like Mr. C's. Because if you judge this place based on its out-dated, Holiday Inn fashioned exterior, and poorly projected logo on the side of the building, you'll write it off as another celebrity hotelier's pig with lipstick. FullSizeRender-60

However, it's gorrrrgeous on the inside. The second we stepped out of the car we were both bowled over by the style and acknowledged that it wasn't what we were expecting.  You just don't feel like you're California. Beverly Hills hotels can be super duper cheesy with style that's about as contrived as Hollywood set. Nothing felt contrived here.

The decor blends art deco with your father's office for a regal yet very inviting atmosphere. The lobby, lobby bar, and restaurant areas are large enough to prevent you from feeling like you're at a B&B, but intimate enough to avoid that corporate business hotel vibe.


We had a few cocktails at a party on the 12th floor (and top floor), which has incredible views of Century City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and the Westside, all the way to Palos Verdes. The room was completely cleared out for the event, but if there's normally a comfortable place to socialize, it's an ideal spot to unwind after work, or to wind up on a weekend night.


This location is definitely still a well-kept secret...but not for long. We're going to add it to our list of favorite LA bars and hope to book a little staycation if we can. Yesterday when I searched for a room for a weekend, they were booked for months. Lounge drinks will have to do for now.


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