Fäsi Estate 2012 Syrah...A Wine for Entertaining

You know when you reach for one more splash of wine to fill your empty glass only to find that the bottle is empty? And your desire to curl up in a ball on the floor and flail around like the drunken wino you are is curtailed by the reality that there are other people around who will witness it? So you keep your shit together and open the sparkling water, pretending that a glass of non-alcoholic fizz water can even come close to the taste of an amazing syrah? Well that's what happened when our bottle of Fäsi Estate 2012 Syrah was empty. Fasi Crest

We capital L Love this wine. Mouthfeel was like a cab, legs were like a bordeaux, flavor was like everything you want a syrah to be. We served it on a Sunday night with a classic caesar salad, homemade Italian pasta sauce, and freshly baked bread from Bay Cities Italian Deli. So delish.

We highly recommend this wine for your December entertaining. Besides the high quality of the wine which is produced in California, the bottle is beautiful. Just be sure to have enough bottles on hand to ease the blow when that first one runs out. Unless you're breakdancing, no one wants to see you on the floor.


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