Meet the Bloggers from Oh So Yummy!

We've been following San Diego foodies Dennis and Lynn for sometime now, but it wasn't until the San Diego launch of our new book that we got to meet them in person. Lynn (Oh So Yummy), Jordan, and Kate (Late Kate Foodie)

Photo credit: Oh So Yummy

They started their blog, Oh So Yummy Review, in 2006. Yes. 2006. To still be up and running and successful after nine years of blogging is something we bloggers all aspire to. AND they make it look easy. While the rest of us were staging photos of the food and drinks at OB Warehouse with our smart phones, Lynn and Dennis were snapping away with a Canon 5D MK II and capturing amazing photos of the dishes Chef Elias served our group (featured below in the slide show).

If you're into the San Diego food scene, subscribe to Oh So Yummy Review's blog and Instagram feed. You'll get the scoop on restaurants in basically every neighborhood in town, from Camp Pendleton to the Mexican border. Enjoy!

Introducing Kikori Whiskey!

An Evening at OB Warehouse with San Diego's Best Bloggers