We ♥ Beer Cocktails!

It's bowl season, and that means it's time to turn the football beer cocktails up a notch. Our new book, Cocktails for Cougars & Cowgirls, has plenty of drinks with a beer base including this one, the Kentucky Flame thrower. It's got a little heat to it but pairs perfectly with seven-layer dip, cheese quesadillas, and chicken nachos (our game time favorites!). DSC_2297

Here's what the photo looks like before it gets magically adjusted for the book. As with most photos, there's plenty of smoke and mirrors. Usually our photos are taken outside for the best natural light, but sometimes we move things indoors for convenience. Light is the most important element of a photo, followed by the glassware, and the "flooring." We're constantly on the lookout for old wood and interesting textiles to bring a photo to life. You should see how many boards and fancy glasses we have in our garage!! It's borderline hoarding for sure.

Cocktails for Cougars and Cowgirls

When we decided to put together a book of original recipes, taking our own photos was really important to us. First of all, it's the easiest way to do it. Triple check the recipe, then take the final photo. We know what it should like best. We've also become so accustomed to taking our own photos for the blog and for our clients, that the idea of hiring someone else to do what we do every day didn't make sense either. We're very pleased with the outcome and hope that having a photo to accompany every drink recipe makes the mixology easier and more fun. Cheers!

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