A Delightful Taste of Mirassou Wine

A few weeks ago we were treated to an amazing dinner hosted by Mirassou wine and head winemaker Victoria Ferguson. Tucked away in a private room at Faith & Flower in downtown Los Angeles, our small group of writers and food photographers dined on exquisite food paired with outstanding wine and great conversation. Julie, our friend and the blogger behind Eat Drink and Be Social, filled in for Jocelyn and joined me in documenting the glorious seven course meal and endless wine. Victoria and Jordan

I loved every sip of every varietal, but if I had to pick two favorites, I'd definitely choose Mirassou's Moscato and Chardonnay. The Muscato is delightfully light and crisp and to use Ferguson's words, very "fruit forward." I just loved it SO much. Notes of pear, honeysuckle, and deliciously sweet green grapes jumped around on my tastebuds. The Chardonnay is smooth and balanced with clear notes of green apple, oak, lemon, and melon. This is a perfect "it's 5:00" wine for a weekday night when it's been such a hectic day that you just can't wait for dinner to open a bottle. I'd drink either wine any time of day and would definitely suggest serving the Moscato as a dessert wine. Maybe even with a scoop of lemon sorbet on the side.

Mirassou Pinot Noir

The Mirassou family was the first to bring Pinot Noir to California in the mid-nineteenth century after making a long sea voyage from France. Why there aren't schools, libraries, and parks named after them for bringing us all Pinot is a mystery to us! The Mirassous are also credited with recognizing our state's Central Coast as a region that was highly conducive to fostering wine grapes. As you're probably aware, the California wine industry is now a multi-billion dollar business that only continues to grow. But not all wines are as storied as this one, or as good. We highly recommend it for enjoying casually at home or for more formal entertaining.

Pick up a couple bottles at your local grocery or beverage specialty store.

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