Product Spotlight: Wine Bottle Bendy Straw

Over the years we've covered many products made by Fred & Friends, but this wine bottle bendy straw could top the list as one of our favorites. Fred Straw_2

Come many times have you ended a work day so wiped out and frazzled that you fantasize all the way home about sitting in a hot bubble bath while drinking wine straight from the bottle...with a straw?

Fred Straw_1

Now, with this fun aerator designed to look like a bendy straw, you can put a straw in your wine bottle and still feel classy about it.

The lower half of the plastic tube, the part that fits into the bottle, is dotted with holes for the wine to pass through. This allows oxygen to mix with your wine to "open it up." The straw part doesn't actually's permanently bent for you. And you can't really use it as a straw...there's no chance for suction. But it's just fantastic to see popping out of your favorite wine, isn't  it?

Fred Straw_3

Whether you believe that wine tastes better after it has had a chance to breathe or not, this tool is a fun must-have for your next book club, girl's night, or bubble bath.

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