Our 6 Favorite Bubbly Splits for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. You hate it. You love it. You want chocolate. You hate flowers. You need a special card or it's a deal breaker. You can't stand the "Hallmark Holiday" and will shred anything with even a hint of schmaltz. Especially if it has hearts on it. Whether you choose to celebrate February 14th with your man, or to party with the single girls, our advice is to celebrate at home.  Avoid the prix fixe, the lines, the banquet-quality food, and the pressure to make the night romantic by overspending, overtipping, and overtalking.

Instead, get some yummy takeout, order a romantic comedy, and sample each of these bubbly bottles in the 187ML size. This is a group of our six favorites because they're all super mixable with spirits. Just search our blog using the word bubbly, and all kinds of delicious recipes will pop up.

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