5 Tips for Making Great Cocktails in Your Hotel Room

  Vacationing is already expensive enough. Don't let your cocktail consumption make you wish you never left home in the first place. Here are five steps to creating great vacation cocktails without the resort price tag.

Vacation Cocktails

  1. Secure the Mini Fridge A few days before your arrival, call the hotel to find out about the mini-fridge situation. Is there one in every room? Is it empty? Or is it filled with snacks and bottles that are sitting on motion detectors? Some hotels want to make sure that you don't drink their cute little bottle of Grey Goose for $18.00, and then replace it with one that you bought for $7.00 at the liquor store around the corner. To make sure this doesn't happen, many venues have rigged their fridges with weight or motion detectors. As soon as you even nudge one of their snacks or beverages, a charge is immediately billed to your credit card. If your hotel informs you that this is exactly the type of fridge that will be in your room, ask for another one that's empty. They will usually have it placed in your room before you get there.
  2. Plan Your Recipes Ahead of Time To stay within your cocktail budget, you'll want to shop with a few specific recipes in mind. Shopping for vacation cocktails can get out of hand quickly, so make a detailed shopping list before you leave home. We recommend putting the list on your smart phone or tablet so that you don't have to worry about one more thing to remember to pack. Think about adding a brunch drink like a mimosa or a Bloody Mary to the list, and a night cap liqueur like Bailey's or Frangelico.IMG_9036
  3.  Map Out the Liquor Store This might sounds a little crazy, but you need to know the proximity of a liquor store before you get to your hotel. If there isn't one within walking distance, or you don't have a rental car, ask the cab driver to swing by one on your way to the resort. It's nice not to have to get in a cab again once you've unpacked.
  4. Size Does Matter Most liquor stores will offer four sizes of the most popular brand: 50 ML (a mini), 350 ML (a shortie), 750 ML (standard size), and 1.75 L (often referred to as a handle...even when it doesn't actually have one). If it's just you and your significant other on holiday, and your vacation is limited to a week, we recommend sticking to the 350 ml size for your main spirits (vodka, rum, etc), and then grabbing minis for the mixers (triple sec, vermouth, banana schnapps, etc.). If you plan on making mimosas or sparkling cocktails (we have so many in our book!), don't buy a large bottle of bubbly. Get a four-pack. Even high-end brands now offer this option. It's easier to fit inside that mini-fridge, and less will go to waste. Same goes for mixers like orange juice and pineapple juice. Get the smallest sizes available.FullSizeRender-66
  5. A Suggested Shopping (and packing) List This is list is for two adults who will be vacationing for 8 days, 7 nights. If you'll be traveling with more adults, or for fewer days, adjust as needed. And we aren't suggesting that you make ALL this drinks :) ...just choose one along with wine and beer. Or don't and make them all!
    • MaiTai (makes 8): 1 350 ML bottle light rum, 1 350 ML bottle dark rum, 1 6-pack Dole pineapple juice, 1 small carton orange juice, 6 limes, 1 small jar maraschino cherries (the natural kind if possible).
    • Margaritas (makes 4): 1 350 ML bottle tequila, 1 750 bottle high-end Margarita Mix (this won't cost too much and won't make you cry if you don't finish the bottle and have to pour it down the drain at the end of your trip), 3 triple sec minis, 6 limes, salt. Think about making is a Cadillac Margarita because those mini Grand Marnier bottles are the cutest ever.
    • Sex on the Beach (makes 4): 1 350 ML bottle vodka, 2 peach schnapps minis, 2 triple sec minis, one small bottle cranberry juice, one small bottle orange juice, 4 limes.
    • Wine (7 bottles): We recommend a bottle a day since you are on vacation after all and wine during lunch is a must.
    • Accessories: Small knife (bring from home only if you're checking luggage), small cutting board, wine & beer opener, plastic cups, mini martini shaker.


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