Classic Drinks: How to Make a Kamikaze Cocktail

A Kamikaze cocktail is one of the easiest to make and tastiest drinks ever, but it's easy to forget about because it's kind of an ancient drink. Drink it as a shot or as a full cocktail. Just be sure to use fresh lime juice and a grain based vodka. It makes a difference! New How-To Video

Kamikaze Shot Recipe ¾ ounce vodka ¼ ounce triple sec or orange liqueur ¼ ounce lime juice

Kamikaze Cocktail Recipe 3 ounces vodka ¾ ounce triple sec or orange liqueur ½ounce lime juice

Directions Fill a martini shaker with ice. Add each ingredient, then shake well. Strain into  shot or martini glass and serve.


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