Wine Review: Pacificana Wines

Cost: $15.99 (on sale from $18.99)Place of Purchase: Whole Foods

Once again, the design on the bottle jumped out at us as we shopped for white wine for a summer pool party. We couldn’t have found a more thematically appropriate label than Pacificana. It has swimming soirée all over it!


First, we tasted the Pacificana Sauvignon Blanc and loved it. Normally we buy Chardonnay but that has GOT TO STOP (ABC, right?). Loved the balance, the notes of pineapple, banana and green apple, and the clean crispness. It’s such a perfect daytime drinking wine for brunches, lunches, and afternoons with no agenda other than sitting by the pool and relaxing with a trashy magazine or your ipad (with Daily Mail). Super lightweight mouthfeel with a citrus aftertaste.

The chardonnay was good but it didn’t wow us quite as much. It tastes a bit on the oaky side with a slightly bitter finish, and too syrupy. The bottle took three days to finish, not because it was bad, but because we weren’t exactly motivated to go back to it when there were other wines to open. #DesperationWine

You might be able to find it for less somewhere else, so check around before you make the trip to Whole Foods.

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