Kikori Whiskey Event at Nobu Beverly Hills

Japanese whiskey paired with gourmet sushi is our definition of a happy meal. Thursday night in Beverly Hills we dined at Nobu, bathed in happiness, drinking cocktails made with Kikori Whiskey and eating like queens. Those of you who follow our blog know that this was not our first time experiencing the gorgeous light brown spirit that has been taking the cocktail world by storm. We were first introduced to founder Ann Soh Woods and her award-winning whiskey over a year ago during our guest speaking stint at the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica, and have been hooked on the bottle ever since.

During a recent bourbon tasting we hosted, we were reminded that people who are unaccustomed to spirits in the whiskey family often need what we call "training wheels." To us this means either adding more than a few drops of water to the pour, or combining the whiskey with mixers in the form of a cocktail. But with Kikori, even the whiskey virgins can tolerate sipping it neat. It's that smooth, and no joke at 82 proof.

To read about Kikori, where it's sourced, the quality of the rice, and the legend of the woodsman, click here. To find a bottle near you, search here.

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