Back-to-School Cocktail Book Special!

School is back in session, at least for half the country. The rest of America is sadly counting down the days until Labor Day weekend rolls in and puts a tragic end to these long, warm, carefree days of family time. And then of course there's a teensy weensy tiny part of you that is not at alllllll sad that summer is over and that those precious little angles will be handed off to a teacher for a darn good chunk of the day. In the spirit of back-to-school shopping, and in preparation for my most beloved parenting duties like packing creative yet healthy lunches that won't be thrown away, "helping" with common core math homework without stabbing pencils in my eyes, and putting children to bed without also falling asleep, we are offering a cocktail book special for all the moms and dads out there who will need one hell of a stiff drink throughout the month of September.

Back to School Special_Easy Math


When you order one book from our website, you get two. Not sure who to give that second book to? Here are some suggestions:

  • The Teacher. She/he will need a cocktail book, not because of your angels of course, but because of everyone else's angels. And the after school meetings with other teachers. And the paper grading. And the low pay. And to get something other than a Starbuck's gift card because most of them never ever want to see another one of those in their lifetime.
  • The Room Mom. She's the filter between you and the teacher, and is working hard to save you from yourself all year long. You know...asking the question that has already been answered numerous times, replying all, forgetting to show up with the cupcakes after bragging about how good yours are...that sort of thing.
  • The School Nurse. She's the one who helps your child come to the conclusion on his own that he's not actually sick and is just trying to avoid a test, thus saving you from jumping through hoops to leave work early only to discover that you've been duped, leading you to take away his iPad for the month which only further punishes you for doing nothing wrong. Totally not speaking from experience.

Those those of you who might benefit from gifting all of these people, we have an extra special special. When you buy two books, you get an additional copy for free, along with our etiquette book. The etiquette book is a great little handbook to tuck into your purse for all those class parties and fundraisers. Although we don't have a rule about how to gently coax a twerking mom off the gym dance floor, we have lots of other gems of advice that you'll love.

Click on the books link and order now! You can also find out books at Barnes & Noble and just don't get the same deal. This special will last until September 30, 2016 and is valid for US residents only.

Happy New School Year!!!!

Back to School Special_Extra Math

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