Door Dash Delivers in More Ways Than One

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When I showed up to the party with a 750 ml of vodka you would have thought that I had dragged a dead body into the room. The room got so quiet you could hear ice melt.

I had been put in charge of making the Bloody Marys for the brunch portion of a July 4th celebration, which meant bringing the homemade mix and the vodka. Well...there were a few (dozen) more people in attendance than I anticipated and a 750 ml bottle would last about five seconds. Oops. I set my supplies down without making eye contact with anyone, then left to bring back the handles of vodka everyone expected me to bring in the first place.

This was my life before I discovered Door Dash. Or maybe I should say that they discovered me.

Last month we partnered up to help spread the word that Door Dash is delivering alcohol in the Los Angeles area. Yes, being exponentially excited about this should not make you feel embarrassed. We're really happy too.

Even as serial entertainers, we sometimes miss the mark on planning the right quantities of beer, wine, and booze for our thirsty friends. Now, instead of leaving the middle of the party to replenish, we can have the goods delivered right to our door. Genius.

Of course, Door Dash isn't just about delivering the hard stuff. They have teamed up with hundreds of LA restaurants to bring your favorite foods right to your door with just the click of a few buttons.

Try it for yourself and tell us what you think. Use our special code THISGIRL for any order over $20, and you'll receive $7 off the total price.


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