I. Love. You. {A Valentine's Day Cocktail}

Which category do you fall into for Valentine's Day? Category One: Hopeless Romantic Rose petals on the bed, a bath drawn with pink bubbles, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a gift that may or may not include something lacy are all musts. Anything less from your sweetheart and you'll not only hold a grudge for the next 364 days, you'll expect a couple of diamonds thrown into the next V-day gift exchange. It's not that you're high-maintainence, you just think that this is the one day that your love for one another should be demonstrated in tangible, edible, or wearable ways. Once a year you like to feel just a little bit more special than every other day and are perfectly comfortable dropping multiple hints to make it happen.

Category Two: Meh You definitely believe that Valentine's Day has been manufactured to sell cards and candy but if one of those items landed in your hands you wouldn't complain. Little lacy numbers  and long love poems have never been your thing but you'd take a good bottle of wine with a  romantic comedy (and a cuddle) any night of the week. If your sweetheart brings you jack (not the alcohol), you're OK with a simple "I love you."

Category Three: February 14th is Dead to Me Valentine's Day is the worst day ever created. Cupid is evil, romance is dead, and love sucks. The sooner that stores can purge their cheesy red, pink, and white displays you can start shopping again, and if you hear one more engagement ring commercial on the radio you're going to pull the car over and vomit. Your heart isn't permanently broken, but you'll bitch-slap anyone who dares to ask ONCE AGAIN if you're dating anyone. No, you're not and yes, leave it alone.

Regardless of which category you fall into, we are sending you some love in a recipe. You might drink it with someone you love or you might drink it by yourself on another day. Just know that 1) it tastes good and 2) we ♥ you.

I love you_1

I. Love. You.  ¾ ounce 100 proof bourbon ¼ ounce cranberry liqueur ¼ ounce black raspberry liqueur Squeeze of lime juice

Directions Start will chilled ingredients! Fill a martini shaker with ice and add each ingredient. Shake to chill, then strain into a shot glass and serve. Double, triple, and quadruple for additional shots.

I love you_2

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