Not Your Average Bottle of Wine: Vaso di Marina

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How many times have you eyed that giant bottle of wine in the store but talked yourself out of the purchase because you didn't want to come across as a cheap and greedy drinker? Even if it's just to the checkout guy? Unless you're shopping in a specialty wine store, most extra large bottles sold in supermarkets are the low-budge labels, and no one wants to show up to a party looking cheap. Well, imagine the best of both worlds: a fantastic wine in a cool big bottle!

Meet Vaso di Marina, the wine in a milk bottle. Most wine bottles hold 750 mL of liquid inside (about 25 ounces) but this one holds an additional third for a full liter! How fabulous is that?! So when you're sharing a bottle with a friend, you can go ahead and fill up your glass without worrying that someone will get gipped on their second glass.

This bottle travels really well and proves easy to open with its chunky twist-open cork. If you watch a few of their videos on their Facebook page, you'll also notice that the bottle is easy to wash and reuse. Fill it up with your favorite red or white for your next trip to the beach or outdoor concert. And if you're a bride with an outdoor weddings coming up, how lovely would each table look with a cluster of these in the middle? Visit their website if you're interested in purchasing or learning more.


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